Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ploze?

Ploze lets you unlock and integrate your digital life by loading your exported data from a many different services, and viewing it all in an integrated searchable timeline.

There is no cloud component to Ploze - it works on your computer. No sign-ins, no tracking, no web services. Everything stays on your device.

Ploze includes importers for Amazon (Audible purchases & listening sessions, Kindle purchases and reading sessions), Apple Health, Calendars (ics files), Day One, Evernote, Email (including GMail), Facebook (friends, messages and posts), Foursquare/Swarm, Garmin, GitHub (issues, comments etc.), Goodreads (reviews), Google Chat, Google Location History, Instagram (followers, followers, photos and videos), LinkedIn (connections and messages), Reddit, Runkeeper, Skype, Trakt and Twitter (tweets and DMs).

It includes information on how to export your data from each service.

It can also import and include your Apple Photos and an RSS feed in your timeline.

For example: What about that book you listened to on your family vacation? … You remember the family loving the audio book you suggested: The Martian, but where were you? What did you do? What photos did you take on that trip? What did you post about the trip on Facebook and Twitter? What notes did you save in Evernote? All this can be answered using Ploze.

Please note that Ploze is in no way related to or endorsed to the services whose exports it can load. It simply imports the files that you can export from those services.

How can I try it out?

The TestFlight is at however space is limited, so it might be full at the moment.

Who is behind Ploze

Damian Mehers via my company Atadore SARL (A Swiss company). I live and work in Vaud, Switzerland (near Geneva).

What do you do with my data?

Absolutely nothing - it stays on your device. Ploze has no cloud components, no analytics, no login.

What does “Ploze” mean?

It’s just a short meaningless domain I’ve had registered for some time…

How long have you been working on this?

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Date:   Sun Feb 19 15:06:26 2023 +0100

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Could you add support for …?

I’ve started with importing the services I’ve used in the past and use now. I’d love to add support for more services, all that is needed is that the service offers data export as CSV, JSON, XML etc. Please email me at with your ideas or submit ideas at

I’ve found a bug or have an idea on what you can do to improve the app, what do I do?

Please email me at or your ideas.

When will it be released?

I don’t know - it depends on the reaction to the beta.

How much will it cost?

I don’t know - it depends on the reaction to the beta.

Have you heard the good news about Large Language Models?

Absolutely, but I’m waiting for one that will run on-device with a massive context window so that it can see all your data, and be totally secure. It will be opt-in in any event.

Have you considered making an iOS app?

Not only have I considered it, I have a prototype running. The idea is to be able to search and view all your timeline as you can on your Mac, although not all details will necessarily be available. It would be an optional opt-in thing, syncing via Apple’s iCloud.

What about connecting to my live data so that I can see recent emails etc.?

Also something that I’m considering … it would depend on the terms of service of the APIs but if the TestFlight reaction is positive it is something I’ll look into.

Can I export my data from Ploze?

No, not at the moment. Ironic isn’t it? I’d love to have an HTML export for Ploze … maybe one day.

I have a FAQ that isn’t answered here …

Please email me at or use with your (possibly Frequently Asked) Question.