Frequently Asked Questions, Privacy Policy and Release Notes

Unlock and integrate your digital life using Ploze: Load your data on-device from exports from a myriad of services, and view it all in an integrated searchable timeline.

There is no cloud component to Ploze - it works on your computer. No sign-ins, no tracking, no web services. Everything stays on your device.

Ploze includes importers for Amazon (Audible purchases & listening sessions, Kindle purchases and reading sessions), Apple Health, Calendars (ics files), Day One, Evernote, Email (including GMail), Facebook (friends, messages and posts), Foursquare/Swarm, Garmin, GitHub (issues, comments etc.), Goodreads (reviews), Google Chat, Google Location History, Instagram (followers, followers, photos and videos), LinkedIn (connections and messages), Reddit, Runkeeper, Skype, Trakt and Twitter (tweets and DMs).

It includes information on how you can export your data from each service.

It can also import and include your Apple Photos and an RSS feed in your timeline.

Please note that Ploze is in no way related to or endorsed to the services whose exports it can load. It simply imports the files that you can export from those services.

TestFlight (limited spots)