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A Windows Mobile Evernote client


Ploze is a Windows Mobile app that lets you use Evernote even if you are not connected to the internet.

Click the download link to try it out, or take a look at some screenshots first.

We are looking for feedback - please use our forums.

Ploze 0.7.6 released

  • A bug where strangely named attachments caused ploze to not synchronize has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing large notes not to display properly
  • You can now select the notebook to display on the main note list (notes from all notebooks are displayed by default)
  • If you change the synchronization criteria then when you synchronize existing notes that meet the criteria will have their content fetched
  • Added GPS support when creating a new note, which can be enabled under "Options"

Ploze 0.7 released

You can now:

  • Limit the synchronization size (in terms of note size, or last modification)
  • Choose which notebooks to display
  • Choose to download notes whose contents were not synchronized
  • Sort notes by Title, Size, Last Update, Creation date
  • Choose into which notebook new notes are placed
    Click Menu|About and then "Check for updates" to upgrade.
  • Ploze 0.6 released

    Ploze Version 0.6 was release Sunday 11th April 2010. This is a pre-release version, so there may be some bugs and annoyances.

    Ploze is an offline client, which means that you synchronize the content on your phone with the Evernote servers, and then you can create/read/edit your notes without needing to connect to the internet.

    Ploze supports:

    • Viewing notes (of course!). Notes are viewed using your 'phones web browser.

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